New protest march against deportation Haroon and family

Haroon, his family and many other Afghans still face deportation. Also after Haroon’s petition the Dutch government keeps stating that Afghanistan is safe and continues to deport Afghan refugees. The United Nations state that Afghanistan is a country in war. The recent Amnesty International report Forced Back to Danger confirms that there are no safe areas in Afghanistan to return to. In short: it is clear to everyone that nobody should be returned to the country. The Dutch government is playing with human lives.

We believe this is immoral and unjustifiable. We cannot and will not stand by in silence. That’s why we will take to the streets of Maastricht once again. We demand that the Dutch government IMMEDIATELY STOPS deporting refugees to Afghanistan and puts an end to the EU repatriation deal with the Afghan authorities.

Keep Haroon here!
Stop deportations to Afghanistan!
Let your voices be heard, and join the protest!

WHAT: demonstration / protest march
WHEN: Sunday 10 December, 2 pm
WHERE: Maastricht. Gather at Plein 1992, then march through city centre to the Markt

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