(Nederlands) Edriss Popal

Edriss Popal (27) fled to the Netherlands in September  2015. In Afghanistan he was regularly the target of fundamentalist Muslims because of his communist/atheist father and his personal atheist convictions. Edriss was regularly beaten up by people who did not accept his beliefs. This happened first in his home province Maidak Wardan. Later, when he moved …

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I went to Iran when I was three, along with neighbours of my parents after I´d stayed behind alone. They were my only family from then on: my foster parents with their five sons and two daughters. We lived in a small village near Teheran. I stayed at home until the age of seven, then …

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I am Hussain. I have been an asylum seeker all my life. From the day of my birth and in every country in which I sought refuge, I have been treated as a criminal without ever committing a crime. The only thing I´ve ever wanted is to live in a peaceful country without any violence. …

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