(Nederlands) Stop uitzettingen naar het onveilige Afghanistan

(Nederlands) Europees protest tegen uitzettingen naar Afghanistan op 17/18 februari
(Nederlands) De Groene Amsterdammer publiceert longread
(Nederlands) Negen hulporganisaties sturen klemmende oproep naar Tweede Kamer
New protest march against deportation Haroon and family

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  • Isa
    I went to Iran when I was three, along with neighbours of my parents after I´d stayed behind alone. They were my only family from then on: my foster parents with their five sons and two daughters. We lived in a small village near Teheran. I stayed […]
  • Anonymous Afghan girl
    I was 15 years old when my father forced me into marriage. He sold me as one would a piece of cattle. My husband was around 45, I´m not sure. He had at least two other wives, and all of us lived in one house. You´d expect some form of sisterhood, […]

Stand up for Afghans is een burgerbeweging met een simpele missie: het stopzetten van uitzettingen naar Afghanistan.

Protesten 18 februari

Doe mee met de Europese protestactie tegen uitzetting van Afghaanse vluchtelingen! In Nederland vinden demonstraties plaats in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen en Maastricht.

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