Why Afghans?

Afghanistan is, after Syria, the most dangerous country in the world at the moment (Global Peace Index 2017). This is the result of 16 years of conflict that made the country a mess. More than 5 million Afghans stay as a refugee in another country. There is widespread poverty: 39% of people lives below the poverty line, 40% of people is unemployed and 11 million people are unsure of their food supply. The amount of civilian casualties of this conflict became higher and higher during the years.

But the EU has different ideas about this. Under pressure, they made an agreement in 2016 that enables countries to force refugees back to their country. The Netherlands happily uses this agreement. In 2016, 65% of Afghan requests for asylum were declined. This represents 1090 people that are or will be deported. We have not been able to find the amount of deported Afghans to date in Dutch government data, but the stories of the deportations reach us every week.

We need you to change this

With 40.000 signatures the Dutch government is obliged to put this on the agenda. We are a campaign team of volunteers without money or other means. Your voice and network are therefore the only way to give publicity to this injustice. Will you help us?

A more detailed background document with extensive explanation can be found here.

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