Afghanistan is enorm onveilig – volgens de gerenommeerde Global Peace Index zelfs het op één na gevaarlijkste land ter wereld. Toch blijft onze regering mensen terugsturen naar dit land. Het is tijd om dit te stoppen. Roep de regering tot de orde en zet Afghanistan op de agenda van de Tweede Kamer met jouw handtekening onder dit burgerinitiatief.

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We, worried Dutch citizens,


  • that many areas of Afghanistan are current seen as safe in Dutch policy, while in reality they are generally unsafe for everyone living there,
  • that, contrary to Dutch policy, Kabul is not a settlement alternative for people that cannot return to their own province or area, because of the high risk to end up in a refugee camp in which circumstances are inhumane
  • and that the Dutch state is bound to international common law and has signed the European Treaty of Human Rights, causing the Netherlands to have not only to moral but also the legal duty for the wellbeing of Afghan refugees in the Netherlands, duties that it currently backs away from and sometimes even violates,

and therefore request:

  • to stop deportations to Afghanistan directly,
  • to mark the totality of Afghanistan as generally unsafe for everyone living there (15c situation),
  • to acknowledge that Kabul is not a viable settlement alternative for people that cannot return to their own province or area,
  • and to reevaluate every Afghan asylum seeker in the Netherlands that is still in procedure or was denied based a refugee status based on current policy based on the criteria mentioned above.