What can you do?

Once we start acting together, we can reach our goal of convincing the Dutch government to stop deportations to Afghanistan. Below you can find out what you can contribute!

1. Stay informed

Follow us on facebook and sign up for our newsletter.

2. Contact politicians

There needs to be change in Den Haag. The government parties have to realise that they are playing with human lives. Contact national and lokal politicans and urge them to speak out against deportations to Afghanistan.

3. Join forces with a local activist group

Local activist groups are the beating hart of our movement. They build relations with Afghans in asylum centres, monitor how they are treated in the judiciary and organise demonstrations and further actions. Show me activist groups.

4. Tell your story

Do you know an afghan refugee or are you one ? We offer you the opportunity to tell your personal story, so that people realise that there are humans behind the stories are real. You can make a video (anonymously, if you like) or write a story that we can publish on our website, social networks and in the media.                       Click here for more information.

5.Sign the petition

We have issued a petition as a way to have the government in Den Haag discuss the matter.                           Read more here and sign to have a direct impact (Dutch).