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Earlier this week we posted that we decided to change the petition into a citizen initiative, because we want to have deportations to Afghanistan on the parliament agenda.

The petition was started this summer out of our frustration about the current Dutch policy, which causes many Afghan refugees to be sent back to a very unsafe situation. Because a few teenagers that we knew would be sent back quickly, we acted quickly and started a petition.

But a petition, in the Dutch system, is given to a parliament committee, which can do whatever they like with it. We however do not want the Dutch government to have the possibility to ignore this issue any longer.

That is why we decided to change the petition to a ‘burgerinitiatief’. A burgerinitiatief is comparable to a petition, but has more authority: if 40.000 signatures are gathered, the topic has to be added to the parliament agenda.

Because a burgerinitiatief has more authority, it has also stricter rules. For a valid signature, a name, address and date of birth has to be added. Next to that, signers need to have the Dutch nationality and need to over 18 years old. Therefore it will be necessary that you add the missing details if you already signed before.

Just now, we published the citizen initiative. Sign it now and put deportations on the parliament agenda. If you had signed the petition before, it is necessary that you either sign again or update your signature via the email you got when you signed.

Sign the citizen initiative


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